About Tempest Furniture

Joseph Nemeth’s love of creativity and design began at an early age growing up on Long Island, New York. By his early teens, he had built numerous wooden forts, skateboard ramps of all sizes and proportions and custom works that expressed his sense of design. The need to create led to home renovations and eventually to the artistry of fine furniture. Take a walk through his classic farm house in New Jersey and one can’t help but admire each sculpted contemporary and modernist piece that capture a wood’s natural form and beauty. As an artist, Joseph’s exclusive designs are beautiful and distinctive. He’s constanly exploring new techniques and media, such as joining wood to acrylic, to add visual and dramatic interest.

Inside his shop of modern machinery and hand tools that date back to the 1800s, Joseph incorporates traditional, time-tested furniture making techniques such as mortise and tenon, and dovetailing. Since launching his business, Joseph has earned accolades from storied professionals trained in traditional furniture making to discerning clients. His work has been shown at many invitational shows.

Prior to Tempest Furniture, Joseph’s creative passion was limited to sporadic weekend projects as he worked for 15 years as a successful Wall Street financial programmer in asset management. It wasn’t until Super Storm Sandy, that wrought destruction on the Northeast, that he considered starting a new career of making beautiful, signature furniture. He considers it an honor to create exceptional and handcrafted designs.

Behind the scenes

“Just as anyone who takes pride in their environment, I wanted
to fill my home with unique pieces that express my sense of aesthetics.” -Joseph